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264 : Hellraiser Is Everywhere Man!

Thanks for subscribing to The Clive Barker Podcast. When you subscribe in your favorite podcast app, you get us every week! In episode 264, Jose and Ryan discuss the Hellbound watch party with an amazing group of cast/crew and even a cast member from Saturday Night Live! We talk about new puzzlebox videos by our friends at Little Spark Films, and the Nghtbreed movement, Occupy Midian and could this model of fan movement help other movies? 

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From The Reef

  • Hellbound Watch Party
  • The Hellbound Laments Episodes 1-3 (LSF)
    • Announcement Teaser about Morningstar Audio Book
  • Updated the Occupy Midian Rules
  • iHorror- 5 of Clive Barker’s Most Terrifying Books

Coming Next 

  • A-Z Commentaries: D, E, F, G, H
    • E is for Escape (Halloween)
  • More News
  • An Interview
  • Imaginer Series Continues with Imaginer 7, 8
  • Abarat 3: Absolute Midnight

And this podcast, having no beginning will have no end. 

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 2020-06-08  58m