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episode 289: Allosaurus was a cannibal

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Dinosaur of the day Labocania, a possible tyrannosaurid from Baja California, Mexico.

In dinosaur news this week:

  • We joined #strikeforblacklives and #shutdownSTEM on June 10th to draw attention to how science has been used against Black people
  • Allosaurus was probably a cannibal
  • T. rex likely had long legs to walk efficiently not run quickly
  • In Queensland, Australia, a new set of three metal Austrolovenator dinosaur sculptures have been completed
  • An Apatosaurus building in Spring Hill, Florida, was nominated to be listed in the National Register of Historic Places
  • In Drumheller, the World’s Largest Dinosaur will be getting repaired and painted
  • Nurseries in the UK are using their dinosaur “Wellasaurus” to manage social distancing
  • Jurassic Quest has turned into a drive through experience
  • The Royal Mint released the Hylaeosaurus coin, the last of the Dinosauria
  • SpaceX Astronauts brought the stuffed toy dinosaur Tremor to the ISS
  • The toothbrushing podcast Chompers is doing a dinosaur theme this week
  • Discovery will have a new series starting Friday, June 19 (9 pm ET), called Dino Hunters
  • PBS has a new series, which will air on June 17, June 24, and July 1, called Prehistoric Road trip
  • Jurassic Park Terror has a post called Every Jurassic Park Dinosaur Illustrated With Modern Science
  • The next few Friday nights, Dustin Growick, is hosting dinosaur parties for adults


 2020-06-11  40m