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episode 187: The Comics Agenda: Be Excellent to Each Other

We talk about two trailers that dropped this week. We start with Bill and Ted Face the Music, before moving onto the second season of Doom Patrol.  Then its onto gun rights for cartoons as it was announce that Elmer Fudd has been stripped of his hunting riffle in the upcoming season of Looney Toons. Plus we discuss the decision of HBO Max to pull Gone With the Wind until a statement can be added before the movie about some of the themes that are explored in it. 

Is it real or virtual reality?

Michael brings us news of Hollywood opening back up. But no any sort of scene that involves close contact will need to have some social distancing added to it. How might it effect movies? What classics may have been effected negatively ?

Matt Fraction is back with Terry and Rachel Dodson in a instant classic that harkins back  to some of the classic superteams that we all know and love. Of course there is a twist but we don't want to ruin that for you here. 

Something Is Killing the Children 
Speaking of classics, we talk about the first volume and issue 6 and 7 of this James Tynion IV series. 

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 2020-06-12  1h22m