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White Market Podcast is show about free music and free culture by Rute Correia. While the show is mainly focused on Creative Commons-licenced music, since it is also naturally intertwined with other movements and ideologies such as Open Source and Open Access, it often features these and similar forms of activism related to digital rights and freedom.



Session 3.19 – WMP's Best Moments of 2016

As this is our very last show of 2016, I thought it’d be cool to do a recap of White Market Podcast’s best moments of 2016. In case you haven’t listened to all the episodes, this can be sort of your guide to go back and catch up with something you might have missed and be of your interest. With 8 interviews, a couple of special features and even a mini-documentary, I’m sure there will be something up your street.

This has probably been probably the best season of White Market Podcast so far. Since July, I have celebrated the 25th anniversary of Linux and the 2nd edition of Netlabel Day, I have talked to netlabel managers and representatives of different institutions linked to free music and free culture, and, of course, I talked a lot about copyright. However, the big learning curve happened mainly due to our guests, so I decided to highlight them all, as sort of an appreciation gesture. You can find them all on our website, along with detailed credits on background music. Here’s a a list of all the guests on the show this season in order of appearance on this week’s show.

  • Cheyenne Hohman, director of Free Music Archive– Session 3.10
  • Manuel Silva, founder of Netlabel Day and M.I.S.T. Records– Session 3.01
  • Maarten Zeinstra, from think tank Kennisland; project manager at CopyrightExceptions.Eu– Session 3.13
  • Alex Lungu, founder of the Copy-Me webseries and website- Session 3.03
  • Jonas Öberg, executive director of Free Software Foundation Europe– Session 3.07
  • Joris Pekel, community manager for cultural heritage at Europeana– Session 3.18
  • Markus Koller, founder and manager of Starfrosch– Session 3.15
  • Graeme Gill, founder and manager of Pilot Eleven– Session 3.11

Oh, and since it’s Christmas time, I also played the holiday tune of the season. Merry Xmas, everyone!

Donnie Ozone – Christmas Shopping at the Dollar Store [blocSonic] // CC BY-NC-SA


 2016-12-19  58m