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A (mostly) weekly podcast about the Internet, by way of Reddit: the front page of the Internet. Each episode, u/ItsYerDad, u/MyFreeday, and u/DogBoobes discuss a different Subreddit, and the subcultures that this subreddit is about…kindof.



episode 149: r/worldpolitics, r/anime_titties, and Masnick's Impossibility Theorem

The DYR Gang is back in Ranch Dressing Studios, fresh from a depressive haze for the first episode of what we will consider our "Heavy Hitter" series. In this episode, we discuss a beautiful moment in recent Reddit lore when r/worldpolitics became a hentai sub, and r/anime_titties became Reddit's premier destination for global political news. However, this bizarre switcheroo, and all of the moderator drama associated with it, can also be considered a glaring example of Techdirt's 'Masnick's Impossibility Theorem' at work - something the entire digital ecosystem is struggling to understand and deal with as well. Plus, u/dogboobes's brows, Henry Winslow and Tucker Carlson go to Vegas, and more! This episode brought to you by Vivid Pictures. 
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