Roll for Trainwreck

We are a group of players that get together once a week for tabletop gaming, recorded as actual plays for your listening pleasure. Staying on the rails is viewed more as a suggestion than an actual rule for us. Mature and Immature content ahead: you have been warned.


episode 152: Delta Green - BLACKSAT

In a slight departure from our usual adventures and tangles with Things Man Was Not Meant To Know, a group of Astronauts prepare for what will most likely be their last trip to space and get a new mission. They must escort a pair of civilians up into space to enact repairs on a specialized satellite, as only these two are qualified to do the work required.

But with neither civilian truly in shape for the task ahead, will the crew manage to complete the mission successfully, or is it doomed from the start?


 2020-06-13  3h35m