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episode 4: Episode 4: Post Cologne

Welcome to episode four of Mattuschka's Right Peg, a podcast in English about 1. FC Union Berlin. 

This week Bas, Cherrie, Kyle, Mark & Wilson reflect on the last two games against Schalke and Cologne and look back at the impact of our signings last summer. We look ahead to the run in, and making sure the 'Klassenerhalt' (literal translation: class preservation, i.e staying in the league) is mathematically secure. We also look to our old friend the 2. Bundesliga, and who we'd like to see come up from there.

A big thanks to Die Wallerts for the intro and thanks again to you for listening and for your support. It's great to see and it brightens up the lockdown talking with you about Union!

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 2020-06-15  49m