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episode 29: Your Perfect Deal Is Out There!

You might as well be the President. Don't give up! A chance of a lifetime is out there - but you have to go out every day and EXPECT that you will get that deal! In the end - hard work ALWAYS pays off. You have to keep at it and stay patient - it will PAY OFF!

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Episode Transcript:

Here's the thing. I've been doing podcasts on a daily basis, and I've seen the sun get brighter each day that I do these podcasts. And then for a very specific reason, we took off a week, and Mr. Producer Man may or may not want me to talk about it, but we had a loss. And out of respect for him, we went dark for a week. And you know what I noticed, Mr. Producer, man? The world went dark with us. It's almost like a day isn't a day unless it has a little Deej in it. And so, we need the podcast and so welcome aboard everybody.

I'm so glad to be with you once again here for your daily dose of the Deej with The Sales Energizer Podcast, because I think now more than ever, people need sales, inspiration, sales, motivation, and determination to make your career and your life just a little bit better with some wisdom here in this podcast.

Because you can get it nowhere else. You know, people try. You know what, sometimes you want to try different foods. For a long time, I saw everybody was eating cottage cheese and for whatever reason I wanted to like cottage cheese, but cottage cheese - it's a hard thing to like, you know, because, well, first of all, you'll look at it.

It just doesn't look like it's done. It just doesn't look finished. And then I think I got to eat it because they always tell you. But then I realized something. People always have it when they're on a diet, they go get cottage cheese.

And so, every time I see somebody eating cottage cheese, they're fat. I'm thinking to myself, cottage cheese makes you fat, so don't do that. And you think that has nothing to do with sales - but it does. Many times, people tell you to ask certain questions of your prospect and of your customers because you want to get a yes answer from them.

You want to get them nodding their head. So, do you still want to earn more money with your company? Yes. Do you, do you like the fact that most of your salespeople aren't producing yours? You know, so you're forcing them into saying and when people feel forced. When people feel cornered, you're not making any friends.

So just like cottage cheese, if you want to get fat, eat cottage cheese. If you don't, don't eat cottage cheese. If you want to keep losing sales, keep forcing your customer into saying things that they don't want to say, and you'll lose all the sales that you want. You got to observe what's going on in your life and your sales life and find out what's happening.

Because sometimes you want something, you think about it your entire life. I got to tell you the story but is it okay if I tell you a story about my dad. You know, it goes into spirit. I've learned all my lessons. In fact, I wrote a book, sales, Proverbs, wisdom of the ages, all this wisdom that I got from my dad.

It's available. By the way, if you want to pick it up, if you've ever heard of just go there. Sales Proverbs, wisdom of, it's like, have you ever heard of this thing called Google? It's a new site out there. Yeah, you can go to Google. So, my dad, and this was just one of his things, he's a, he was an old, listen, my dad's an old little Jewish man, and he loved this one joke.

And it's, it's a very famous Jewish joke. It's just that, you know, this old guy, this rabbi and rabbis are famous for. For not ever giving you a real answer. You know, they want you to come up with the answer yourself. And so, one day he goes into a place and he, and he orders the matzoh ball soup and he's there in the matzoh ball soup and they didn't give him any silverware.

And so instead of asking for the silverware, he calls the waiter over and says, wait, or come over here. He goes, try the soup. And the weight is like, what is it. There's something wrong with the soup. He says, tried the soup. He goes, Mr. you know, Mr., rabbi, I can't, I can't drink your soup. I mean, and he's like, try the soup.

And he looks down and he goes, he goes, you got no spoon. He says, I ha, you know. He's just waiting for him to find the answer. Okay, I'll give you this one. So, my dad loved that joke, and when he got sick in his later life, like a year before he died, we used to go to red lobster. Every Wednesday I would go to the nursing home, I'd pick them up, Oh, let's go to red lobster.

And we'd go to red lobster. And one day we go there, and he always ordered the same thing, and he got the lobster bisque, which is delicious. And so, he got the lobster biscuit. I got something else and he looks down and as if you know, the heavens had parted and one last time he was given an opportunity.

He looks down. No silverware. And so, my 87-year-old, maybe 88-year-old dad who was riddled with dementia and worry and all this stuff transformed into a little kid with a gleam in his eye and a little cottage childish Merck. And he looked at me very mischievously and said, Danny. Want to do it.

So, he calls the waiter over and he was just laughing too much and it didn't work out. I mean, we're cracking up. He couldn't actually ask for the Dean. I'll try. The soup couldn't do, but it was as if he waited his entire life for that opportunity. And it was like he almost gave him a reason to live that there was always that opportunity out there.

All of you, of my fellow salespeople out there, let me tell you something. Your perfect deal is out there. It's there all around there so many people and there's so many opportunities. It's impossible to think that the chance of a lifetime won't happen to you multiple times. You just got to go out every Wednesday.

You got to go out every day. You got to live every day like you're expecting the deal of a lifetime. It's life worth living. That's what my book is about. Sales, Proverbs, wisdom of the ages. It's not how to be a better salesperson. It's how to live a better salesperson’s life. You know? Cause a salesperson’s life is about joy.

It's about curiosity. It's about wonder. It's about solving. It's about happiness. It's about just making things happen and not worrying about what could happen bad.

I wrote down some things I wanted to talk about my dad here, and the fact of the matter is, hard work, hard work always pays off in the end. Hard work. Always pays off. So, if you're wondering, why am I going on? Why am I driving three hours to this client that this prospect that may or may not happen? Why am I staying up all night working out this PowerPoint presentation to make something good?

I had. Just this morning, Mr. Producer, man, things happen this morning. So, I wake up this morning and I, and I do my normal routine. Now I get into work and so from seven 30 to eight 30 I make my cold calls. But today was, it was a Monday and I just, you know, I just didn't have it. Just wasn't in my voice this morning and I didn't really get any leads, but I muscled through it and I made my 2025 dials.

I talked to a few people, I got blown away and I reevaluated my script. I did, I just, nothing good happened, but I muscled through it for an hour and then the day got a little better and I was doing all my normal stuff. But around. Three 30 or four 30 today, I get a phone call, you know, from home. Of course, you wouldn't know from home.

No, not at all. From Zach and Zach called me and Zach is a guy I haven't spoken with in three years, three years. I didn't speak with Zach and OSA and he calls me, he says, listen, I have a need for boom, boom, boom. He has basically a $15,000 leak. Need. And I haven't talked to him in a long time, but he came, and I finished the call and we got them the contract and we got things set up and you know, we didn't, we didn't actually consummate anything yet.

No money's coming out. I still have to find the right person and all this stuff that I have to do. But the point is, I got this opportunity. You know why I got this opportunity? Because I made those cold calls in the morning because I spent the hour and I muscled through that hard work. Because there's something in the world, there's something in the environment.

There's something just in the atmosphere that everything just makes sense. If something bad happened, something good is going to happen. Eventually it's all going to even out. If you keep on keeping on and doing the work that you know you need to do, you know, you got to do those extra things. As long as you're going to do it, and as long as you're in the game, as long as you're awake.

It's those little extra things that other people aren't willing to do. I'll give you some examples. If you're going to join a networking group or join any kind of group, you might as well be the precedent. You know, nobody wants to take the responsibility of the president. You know, there is some work.

There's extra stuff. You got to corral everybody together. You might as well do that because they're looking at you. You might as well be the leader of any group you get involved with. And if you can't be the leader, you might as well be the speaker. You know, you're in a speaker in some, in some capacity, you're in front of the room.

Everybody else is looking at you. And when someone has a need and someone knows if, even if you're all part of the same group, if you're all project managers for let's say, and you want to be a project manager. And then you're the speaker of anew in front of all these project managers, and there's a guest there that guests could be the guest of anybody in that group.

But who do you think they think is the expert? The dang person in the front of the room. The person who's willing to look like the leader, the person is willing to, who's introduced by the president. And even if you just the president of the group, you get to introduce the speaker. And if you're a guest of your something there and you want to work with someone who you think has knowledge, everybody always goes to the person in the front of the room, the leader, you have many more options when you're in the game, working hard, doing the daily things that you have to do.

Like my dad used to say, and I've probably said it before, most people aren't willing to do the hard work it takes to make sales easy, but it's something else. Most people aren't willing to do the hard work to make sales and life fun. How many times do you have to go to red lobster before they give you the lobster bisque?

Without silverware? It could take a lifetime. Yeah. But that's a life well lived in constant anticipation for something better, constant hope that tomorrow is going to be a little better today. That's what wakes you up in the morning. That and of course, listening to the sales Energizer podcast here, and so this is all I have to do.

So thank you so much for listening today. Tell your friends, remember you're the best. I'm the Deej. Go get them today.


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