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episode 4: Episode- 4- Five dead in ten Minutes, Asheville NC 1906

Episode- 4- Five dead in ten Minutes, Asheville NC 1906 

A discussion about the Asheville North Carolina  of 1906.  The 5 homicides that occurred in a 10 minute span rampage, the investigation and man hunt reported as far away as New York City .   

The murder Will Harris is quoted as saying before shot by an avenging public.  

"I come from hell,…. from Charlotte, …...from state prison ...and from the chain gang," "And I'm surely going back to hell, ….sooner rather than later."  

Will Harris arrived in Asheville by train on Nov. 12, 1906. His reputation preceding him.  In his late 20’s  he had a known criminal record  that cast a long shadow of theft, robbery, assault and prison escapes.   In a 10 minute spree Harris killed 5 men including two police officers. Resulting Harris being deemed an Out Law and started a man hunt for the killer with the community looking to shoot on sight.  

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