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The Felon File Podcast is a discussion of law enforcement history, issues, and incidents. Stories of justice and justice failed, in the Appalachian Mountains and beyond. Hosted by Scott Lunsford, retired police detective sergeant, author, and researcher. Listened to in 22 countries worldwide.


episode 5: Episode -5 - 1964 and a deadly Home Invasion

Shortly before midnight Tuesday November 10, 1964, masks, guns and other disguises were collected by four young men.  The burglary and robbery tools placed in a burlap bag, hidden under the hood of a pick-up truck just in case they were stopped by police at some point.   

The robbery team consisting of a 23, 27, 19, and a 16 year old, drove to the farm of Charlie Lunsford. The four men drove around the area several times to make sure police were not in the area. 16 year old Arrlie Fox had worked for Lunsford the previous day. He discovered the farmer had a large amount of cash as he made change for customers.  The four planed a simple robbery to make some quick cash.  What would be called today a "Home Invasion" turned deadly.    

The story starts, and before it ends multiple trials, a deadly prison riot, a prison escape, the Governor of NC. and another murder are involved.   

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 2019-03-24  23m