Fitzy & Wippa

The nice-guys of Sydney radio Ryan ‘Fitzy’ Fitzgerald and Michael ‘Wippa’ Wipfli on Nova 96.9 are the duo that wake you with a laugh – at their own expense. Their chemistry creates regular moments that make listeners smile, giggle or just plain LOL. No matter what the topic our boys will have their own unique take on it. The down-to-earth duo regularly hit the sweet spot with local and international celebrities approaching interviews with fun in mind – take Wippa singing a duet with Hugh Jackman for example.


CATCH UP - Fitzy discovered a way for Wippa to lose his double chin

'Song, Song, Song, Song' is back and looser then ever, what would you do if you got a cold sore from a partner? PLUS, Producer Tommy releases more dirt on the boys when 'Tom Time' returns...


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 2020-06-18  36m