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episode 778: 17 June, 2020 – Episode 778 – How to Catch a Lizard

What is in the This Week in Science Podcast?
COVID Update, Interview w/ Earyn McGee about #FindThatLizard, Bubble Bees, Lizard Fears, Santa Stories, Animal Beliefs, Earth Can Haz Friends?, Science Tweets?, And Much More…
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With keen eyes and quick reflexes
you might just be able to find and catch
that lizard in your garden.
Be gentle enough,
and maybe it won’t drop its tail.
But, if it does, you haven’t failed.
You’ve seen the magic of biology
as generations of adaptation and evolution
have led it to a survival strategy
that works more often than not.
Just like weeding through that podcast directory
has brought you to
This Week in Science,
coming up next…
Let’s start with a COVID-19 Update!
COVID Update
Global COVID-19 cases are over 8 million with nearly 450,000 deaths, of which the US contribution amounts to approximately a quarter.
Promising Treatment?
A steroid called dexamethasone showed promise in treating COVID-19 patients on ventilators according to a press release, which has already led to the implementation of health policies even without the release of the actual data or a peer-reviewed paper.
Not Much Promise
The WHO stopped its trial investigating the efficacy of hydroxychloroqhine due to a lack of evidence of beneficial effects for patients. This comes after the FDA revoked its emergency approval of the drug for use treating COVID-19....


 2020-06-19  1h48m