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episode 239: Match Your Visible Teamwork to your Team Task Worflow

Pilar has been working on how the way in which are tasks are dependent on other team members’ affects the visible teamwork practices we adopt - and why.

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Thanks go to Theresa Sigillito Hollema from www.interact-global.net for the inspiration - and she now has her book Virtual Teams Across Cultures on pre-order!

he principles don’t only help us to stay aligned in our teams, but they can help us to feel connected. (For more on Connection and Disconnection in Remote Teams, check out our 7 episode series!)

The principles of Visible Teamwork can be found here, and follow three areas:
Deliberate Communication
Work Visibility
Planned Spontaneity

Understanding the level of interdependence of your tasks will also help you see whether the systems of visible teamwork are going to help you mostly with coordination of the work, or to increase your sense of connection with each other.

Pooled, sequential and reciprocal interdependence.

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 2020-06-18  23m