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episode 776: Phat Boyin' It All Day

  • WWDC Preview: no new hardware will be announced
  • Apple re-closing some US Stores due to Covid-19
  • WWDC Preview: Apple transitions to ARM
  • WWDC Preview: here's the jacket and pins that the Swift Student Challenge winners won
  • WWDC Preview: iOS 14 improvements - can they please fix Siri?
  • Apple vs Hey - Apple kicks Hey app out of the App Store
  • iOS App Store brings in $519 Billion in 2019
  • Apple facing anti-trust investigations in the EU
  • Talking about grilling
  • Twitter starts offering 140 second Voice Tweets
  • Using Facebook to train yourself
  • Facebook lets its users turn off political ads
  • Facebook wants to help 4 million people vote
  • K-Pop stans and Tik Tok teens and grandmas troll Trump's Tulsa rally
  • 71% of Americans refuse to use contact tracing apps
  • iFixit wants to help users fix ventilators; ventilator manufacturer sues
  • FCC approves the first prescription video game for ADHD
  • Oscars delayed until April 2021
  • Disney+ kills their 7 day free trial weeks before Hamilton release
  • Only $75k to get your own Spot robot dog
  • Flash dies completely on December 31st, 2020

Host: Leo Laporte

Guests: Owen JJ Stone, Georgia Dow, and Andy Ihnatko

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 2020-06-22  2h23m