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episode 5: The Trends and Future of the Video Game Industry - Paradox Podcast - The Business of Video Games

Welcome back to the Paradox Podcast!
Today, with the help of Kim Nordstrom, Paradox Interactive’s Chief Strategy Officer we try to divine the future of the gaming industry, and reflect on our past predictions, both the accurate and the ones we were wrong about.
On the agenda:
 - The future of gaming consoles
 - Cloud Gaming
 - Subscription Services
 - Impact of 5G on mobile gaming
 - COVID-19 and the coming recession
 - The perspective of indie studios on the shifts in the games industry
 - Interview with Bithell Games, the COO of Bithell Games, developers of John Wick: Hex
 - Interview with David Goldfarb, Director of the Outsiders, developers of Metal: Hellsinger
 - And more

 0:15 – Introduction & Blablablablablah
 4:12 – Topic of the day: The Trends and Future of the Game’s Industry
 39:50 – Past & current trends we were wrong about
 45:14 – Wrapping up

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Thank you for listening! 
We’ll be back with your regularly scheduled Paradox Podcast after the summer break!

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 2020-06-23  46m