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Flexible Workspace with Frank Cottle - CREPN #254

Today my guest is Frank Cottle. Frank is a futurist based in Southern California. And in just a minute, we're going to speak with frank about the future of commercial real estate. But first, a quick reminder, if you like the show, CREPN Radio, there are a couple things you can do to help us out you can like you can share and you can subscribe. And as always, we'd love to see your comments. So if you feel inclined, please leave a comment. We'd love to hear from our listeners. Also, if you'd like to see how handsome our guests are, be sure to check out our YouTube channel. And you can find this on YouTube at Commercial Real Estate Pro Network. And also please consider subscribing there as well. With that, I want to welcome my guest Frank, welcome to CREPN Radio. 

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 2020-06-25  55m