Salt & Honey

Salt and Honey is a podcast by two friends and full-time cartoonists, Sloane (From Under Mountains, A Map to the Sun) and Leslie (Snotgirl) who want to delve deeper into why they like what they like and hate what they hate. Each week, we explore different aspects of different comics (popular and obscure), as well as other popular media, including but not limited to movies and television.


episode 12: Performance & Power

TRIGGER WARNING: we discuss sexual abuse and misconduct in this episode. 

This week, we talk about what has been going on on comics twitter in the past week, with many prominent figures in comics, art, and many other industries, being outed as having abused their power and acting inappropriately towards marginalized genders. We also discuss the pledge for men in comics that has begun circulation on social media.



 2020-06-23  1h26m