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And now it’s there

With the help of Duncan Alexander, Rory Smith and devoted Red Sasha Goryunov, we react to the end of one of the most famous sporting droughts. What will it mean for Liverpool in the future? Is it dampened by the circumstances of the pandemic?

The Athletic’s Michael Cox and Rafa Honigstein discuss where this team and manager stand in the pantheon of the greats.

And Oliver Kay discusses what led to 30years of hurt last time they were crowned champions. An era where Liverpool eventually got professional, after Robbie Williams. And some Tekken 2.


• PART 1: Reaction on Merseyside with Rory Smith (02m 00s)
• PART 2: Liverpool by the numbers (05m 30s)
• PART 3: The story of the season with Michael Cox, Rafa Honigstein and Neil Atkinson from The Anfield Wrap (08m 00s)
• PART 4: The Athletic’s Oliver Kay on where it went wrong last time (13m 30s)
• PART 5: What next for Liverpool? (18m 30s)

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 2020-06-26  28m