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episode 779: 24 June, 2020 – Episode 779 – No Sleep, Just Science

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COVID Update, Viral Combat, Bipedal Crocs, Fashionable Parasites, Australia Canada Connection, NOT Neandertal Brains, Fungi Biofilm, Follow Your Nose, Migratory Poop, Aqua-fi, Imbalanced Merger, VIral Hijack, Avocado Gate, And Much More…
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Let’s start with a COVID-19 Update!
COVID Update
Stat News has a nice new COVID-19 tracker in caase you are interested in following the uptick in cases across the country and around the globe. Case incidence is up globally as the rate of increase is increasing – it took only 6 days to go from 8-9 million, whereas it took 8 days to increase from 7-8 million. This could be related to increased testing, so look at hospitalization and death rates for a better indicator, although deaths trail new cases by quite a bit. What this also means is that the death totals today are indicative of infections from several weeks ago, and that we will see deaths increase from the new upticks in places like Texas, Arizona, and Florida several weeks from now.
Light Damage
A new study suggests that 222nm far-UVC light could inactivate SARS-CoV2 in public spaces. However,


 2020-06-26  1h40m