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episode 240: Beyond WFH: Remote Work and Socioeconomic change

This show is brought to you by Virtual Not Distant in London, helping teams with remote transformation and transition,

In today's episode we have two excellent interviews on the theme of economic development and social change, being the bigger picture of remote work and its community impact - do check out full shownotes at https://www.virtualnotdistant.com/podcasts/beyondwfh-socioeconomic-change.

5:00 John O’Duinn is a Senior strategist at Civic Actions, and author of Distributed Teams: The Art and Practice of Working Together While Physically Apart. 37.58 Tracy Keogh tells us all about GrowRemote, which is a community project that makes remote work local, by going into communities and making remote work both visible and accessible.


 2020-06-25  59m