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episode 31: Talk of the Town -Ipswich Town F.C Podcast. Another defeat, wait no a draw!!It's Groundhog Day!!

In today's episode of Talk of the Town- Your Ipswich Town F.C podcast. Three have become two as Martin joined by the Late one himself Rob Davies.

Sadly, it's Groundhog day as once again it's time to discuss another defeat, sorry no a draw that feels like a defeat this time against a team that wasn't even formed until 2002. 

Just how do Ipswich get back on track ? Can they resurrect their promotion campaign or is it all over for the boys in Blue white. 

We also look ahead to the home clash against Burton a game you have to think is a must-win to get their campaign back on track where once again the super blues will be backed by a big home support 

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 February 14, 2020  50m