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episode 11: Talk Of The Town-An Ipswich Town FC Podcast- Accrington Stanley Preview- Episode 11

EP11-  In today's mini-episode following last week's bigger episode we take a look at this weekend's action as Ipswich Town F.C get ready to travel up north to face Accrington Stanley.
Accrington Stanley can score goals.
Does this mean they are there for the taking should Ipswich Town F.C decide to turn up for the sky cameras?
Or should we be more concerned as the ITFC backline has appeared suspect as times heading into this game?
As always the team will be backed by a good following of ITFC fans with nearly 1000 tickets having flown out of the door at Portman Road.

Join us in this episode of Talk of The Town. An ITFC / Ipswich Town F.C podcast.
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Martin, Rob and Neil three of ITFC'S biggest fans unpack this topic in under 10 minutes.

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 October 16, 2019  6m