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Heavy Networking 525: Gluware Automating Terracon’s Network (Sponsored)

Some of our favorite Heavy Networking discussions are with folks deep in the hot aisle (right there behind rack ZZ-42) making technology work. No slide decks. No vague promises. Just engineers doing the thing. From their experience, the rest of us can learn. What went right? What went wrong? What do you wish you had done differently? What’s worked out better than you expected?
We have one of these discussions today. Jamie Hughes is an Infrastructure Architect at Terracon, and he’s rolled out many complex network changes by using Gluware’s network automation platform.
How Terracon Is Using Gluware
In our chat with Jamie, we talk about aspects of network operations that Terracon has successfully automated. The context here is that of headcount. Jamie & his team needed to get a lot of things done, some of them tied to pandemic-related traffic patterns, and do them without any additional humans to help. And of course, “don’t screw it up” was right near “get it done fast” on the priority list.
Jamie discusses using Gluware for…

* Network inventory and assessment.
* Standardization of NOS versions.
* Configuration drift monitoring.
* Configuration audits, covering both NIST recommendations for security and their own corporate standards.
* Configuration drift remediation.
* QoS deployment.
* Upgrading US circuits and fixing related QoS policies at the same time.
* Configuring site-to-site Internet VPN as failover for private MPLS.
* Updating access control lists to mitigate a cable modem vulnerability.
* Migrating from SNMP v2 to v3.

Mike Haugh, VP of Product Marketing at Gluware, joins in the conversation to add in specifics about Gluware capabilities–what it can do, can’t do, or will do in the future.
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