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An Interview With A Child Prodigy: Should You Skip Breakfast, Analyzing Your Poop, Cold Thermogenesis & Breathwork Strategies & More With Daniel Bissonnette. Meet 15 year-old prodigy . This kid first turned my head when he tagged me on Instagram sitting cross-legged and meditating in his shorts on what appeared to be a giant frozen glacier.              I looked into Daniel, and it turns out he's a pretty impressive young man. Daniel currently listed as one of the World’s top 100 most influential Vegans, the most in demand Health/Nutrition Youth Keynote in the world, an Award-Winning Activist, Best-Selling Author, developer of the “” program and host of the weekly YouTube “.”                Daniel has delivered 100’s of presentations since the age of 9 at conferences, expos, consumer shows, community groups, food companies, schools, institutes, non-profit organizations and continues to make headlines. But, it all started out as a bullied elementary school kid who wanted to help a few friends eat healthier.               In third grade, Daniel was approached by his teacher and decided to publicly speak about his food choices. Pleasantly surprised to see how many kids began trashing their junk food and switching to healthier alternatives, Daniel was encouraged to continue spreading the message and volunteered to speak at a global rally. Little did he know that his first public talk would go viral. It became the most viewed YouTube video for the event that took place in 500 cities around the world with over 2M attendees!               From that moment on Daniel began to speak on stages of leading Health events across Canada, the US and Europe. By the age of 11 he became a Signature Speaker with the largest health show franchise in Canada and published his Best Selling book “”. With “Daniel's BREAKFAST Burst” he was able to inspire more children around the world to eat a healthier breakfast than any other authority!               “” was such a hit it was featured in popular magazines, radio, TV and even purchased by Hollywood celebrities. It sure got kids and parents excited about eating their way to smarts too with over a month of carefully designed breakfast meals that deliver peak nutrition for mental performance. By 12 years old Daniel was ranked in the World’s top 100 most Influential Vegans and joined the non-profit organization “Borneo Wildlife Preservation” to help raise funds and awareness to support reforestation and Pygmy Elephant conservation projects in Borneo. At 13 he was honored the Shining World Leadership Award for Compassion by Supreme Master Ching Hai and completed his long anticipated “Genius Mode” program.               In his “Genius Mode - The Biology of Greatness” program and "Biology Of Greatness", Daniel shares breakthrough science on a never before discussed topic - altering our DNA to Genius. “There are ways we can go into our Genetic Code and rewrite it. Genius is something you CAN Become because it’s a built-in mechanism and there’s an exact science to doing so!” says Daniel. He reveals his daily “Hacks” we can apply to increase Brain Power, Intelligence, develop Physical and Mental Resilience and turn on our GENIUS expression. During our discussion, you'll discover: -How Daniel became an authority in nutrition at a young age...6:30               -How a bee sting led to an "aha" moment for Daniel...16:00               -Biohacks and routines in Daniel's life...24:20               -Breath protocols and foods to remain in the parasympathetic state...37:30             -The value of keeping tabs on your poop...47:05           -Little known facts about iodine...54:00           -The remainder of Daniel's routine...1:00:35             -How to alter your genius via epigenetics...1:06:00             -And much more!           Episode sponsors: Kion Colostrum, Organifi Glow, Magnesium Breakthrough, Comrad Socks


 2020-06-27  1h18m