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A podcast in which our heroes, Nick and Addy, embark on an insane quest to watch every episode of power rangers and then break it down afterwards for your auditory listening pleasure. See for privacy and opt-out information.


22. The Trouble With Shellshock

Green With Evil is finally over, and we're back to our regular programming. The world is as crazy as always, so make sure you're staying safe, and look after yourselves, if you're protesting anything wear a mask and do your best to social distance. As always thanks for coming back for yet another episode of this podcast, Its Morphin' Time: The Power Rangers Power Hour: A Power Rangers Podcast. Join our heroes Nick and Adam as they continue their insanely long quest to watch all 800+ episodes of all of the many seasons of Power Rangers without going crazy, an impossible task for two impossibly dumb guys. This episode we watched episode 22 of season 1 of Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, The Trouble With Shellshock. Make sure you keep coming back for more and yeah get in touch if you wanna talk about power rangers or life or whatever.


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 2020-06-03  1h13m