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A podcast in which our heroes, Nick and Addy, embark on an insane quest to watch every episode of power rangers and then break it down afterwards for your auditory listening pleasure. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.


06. Food Fight

Hey guys thanks for coming back for yet another episode of Its Morphin' Time: The Power Rangers Power Hour: A Power Rangers Podcast. Join our heroes Nick and Adam as they continue to go on their insane quest to watch all 800+ episodes of Power Rangers without going crazy, an impossible task for two impossibly dumb guys. This episode we watched episode 6 of season 1 of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Food Fight. I feel like we're really making progress, we're a 10th of the way through the first season, it's pretty cool. Anyway, this episode of power rangers was very fun and very crazy, as was this episode of the podcast. We'd both had less than 3 hours sleep the night before and this episode took longer to record than normal ones do because we had to take a break halfway through. Hopefully this episode is still fun. Anyway, I've been rambling heaps, enjoy the podcast.


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 2020-03-11  1h21m