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BIGGEST RISK with Tenny Tolofari


I'd like to ask you Tenny Tolofari, what is the BIGGEST RISK?



Well, one of the BIGGEST RISK's for individual investor houses is one is not getting in the game is seen on the on the on the sidelines, right? Because if at the end of the day you you're thinking about getting ahead, and you are dependent on just one asset class to get ahead. You're going to be disappointed from what we're seeing right now. Right. The risk is depending on one particular asset class, like the stock market, to be huge wealth or for retirement purposes or for generational wealth, or for your family in general, because your family is dependent on You or you and your spouse are dependent on each other for the future. Right. So I think that's one big risk. Another risk is speculation, right? Where people think that the market is going to perform at a particular rate. And people don't not educating themselves about how if x Class A class work, you know, so I think that is one big risk I would think not gets in the game is one big risk outcome people are not taking.


 2020-06-30  1m