Song Salad

Random topic + Random music genre = Song salad. Writing partners Shannon & Scott tempt the salad spinner of fate as they write a short song about a random topic in a random style of music. Can they successfully create a song using both? Can we be a little looser with the word "successfully"?


Feed Drop: Our Journal Podcast "Blame It On The Lockdown"

Today we’re featuring Ep. 1 of Our Journal Podcast, “Blame it on the Lockdown” Our Journal is a podcast featuring a mother and daughter duo from South Africa. They talk about the things they do together, challenges they face each day and life in general. Mologadi (35) and Neo (13) come from a lineage of matriarchs and believe in rising up and doing it for one's self, fulfilling one's purpose in life and choosing happiness everyday. Join this pair for fun tips on how to maintain healthy relationships and as they delve into topical issues through their different lenses (pun intended!) @OurJournalPod on Twitter


 2020-07-02  7m