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Heavy Networking 526: Rethinking Your Global Enterprise WAN With Telia Carrier (Sponsored)

In today’s sponsored show we talk to Telia Carrier, which operates one of the largest telco networks in the world. While Telia is well known in the carrier space, many enterprises, especially in North America, may not be familiar with the company.
And for many IT pros, telcos are much the same. Telia Carrier wants you to know what makes it different. The company runs its own global IP backbone, and as the public Internet becomes the de facto enterprise WAN, your choice of carrier becomes critical.
Our guest is Mattias Fridström, Vice President & Chief Evangelist at Telia Carrier.
We discuss:

* Why Telia Carrier is re-introducing itself to the enterprise
* The company’s global backbone, including its North American footprint
* The benefits of working with a carrier that owns, rather than leases, its infrastructure
* The role of the public Internet for cloud and enterprise connectivity
* Key enterprise services offered by Telia including DCI, direct connection to cloud providers, and SD-WAN
* The company’s support for IPv6
* More

Show Links:
Go to to download whitepapers and get more information. And Telia is offering premium gifts to a limited number of listeners who share their email.
Telia Carrier


 2020-06-30  44m