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Heavy Networking 527: New Ideas For A Network Certification Program

Today’s Heavy Networking explores ideas for designing a new networking certification program. The concept is built around a network design challenge that  focuses on broad, systems-oriented knowledge.
The general idea is that a small team of testers would design a challenge, which is presented as a scenario-driven concept. Candidates would solve the challenge, and be scored based on a rubric. The challenge would include a written response and perhaps diagrams.
This program isn’t intended to replace traditional vendor certifications, but rather develop a new approach to testing an engineer’s capabilities and problem-solving ability. The goal is to encourage networkers to develop a deeper understanding of key protocols and networking concepts.
Our guests are Russ White, a network architect, author, and instructor; and Scott Morris, a 4x CCIE, consultant, and trainer.
We discuss:

* Whether the industry needs yet another cert
* Limitations of current certification programs
* Who this certification targets and why
* Preparation and study issues
* Governance and implementation of the certification
* Questions around test design, implementation, and scoring
* More

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Show Links:
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 2020-07-03  1h3m