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How To Know If You Are Subconsciously In Fight, Flight Or Freeze Mode (And What To Do About It) - An Interview With Dr. Olga Stevko.         Dr. Olga Stevko is an expert at helping people achieve rapid transformation for professional and personal growth, and a Medical Doctor from Russia. Dr. Stevko’s clients include over 1,000 entrepreneurs, CEOs, executives, celebrities, doctors, and other professionals and their family members. She helps her clients to identify and transform unconscious programs that create issues in various areas of their life, including health, relationships and business.       Dr. Olga Stevko's unique methodology allows her to see patterns how nervous system reacts to everything around with flight, fight and freeze responses. These patterns affect both the mind and body, and how people look, think, feel, react, communicate and behave. These patterns also affect client's aging and longevity.       Through observation (of clients face, posture, quality of voice, verbal  non-verbal communication), Dr. Stevko can rapidly assess people's patterns in life and what unconscious programs cause them. After transforming key limiting unconscious programs, Dr. Olga Stevko's clients experience fast and permanent results. Clients have also reported dramatic positive changes in their face, posture, voice, mental processing, communication, behavior and energy.       During our discussion, you'll discover:       -How unconscious shapes life experience and is tied to the nervous system...7:06       -Epigenetic trauma...8:41       -Training to link deductive and observational analysis with neuro-linguistic programming and physiology...9:57       Identifying trauma using neuro-muscular indicators...12:13       -How unconscious programs affect behavior...18:50       -Link between physiological presentation and interpretation of trauma...24:30       -Combination of treatment modalities to treat unconscious mind...29:30       -Piecing together evidence to affect physical change...41:48       -Analysis of Ben’s physiological indicators of psychological profile...46:36       -Analysis of Ben’s drawing as psychological indicator...51:37       -Indications of multi-tasking proficiency and efficiency...55:20       -FOMO and scarcity versus abundance...1:00:19       -Affecting behavior change...1:01:02       -Being guarded and reserving trust...1:03:50        -Chasing challenges and the sense of achievement...1:08:36       -Dr. Olga Stevko individual and group services, including audio and video resources...1:14:12       -Psycho-immunology...1:15:19       -High blood-pressure and hypertension...1:16:42       Episode sponsors: Kion, Organifi, Water and Wellness, Pique Tea


 2020-07-04  1h21m