Parenting Fo' Pas

2 guys in their early 30's chat about parenting from a Dad's perspective. Friends from school Chris Mole and Chris Powell get together each week to talk about what's on their minds, discuss key elements of the parenting journey, and usually lots of random stuff in between. Sometimes funny, sometimes serious, but always from a Dad's point of view! Advice, tips, and banter aimed at old Dad's, new Dad's, and Dad's to be. - Follow us on Twitter: @parentingfopas / Instagram: @parentingfopas / Email:


episode 1: Episode 1: Announcing You're Pregnant

In today's episode we talk about how we were told that our partner's were pregnant and our reactions. Cronk talks about Edie who is now 4.5 months old and Mole lets us know how he and his wife are getting along at 12 weeks pregnant. Top tips include 'don't change a baby whilst cooking a curry' and 'don't watch the latest Predator movie'. As a first episode there's a little bit of testing the waters. Intro music by Del Mar.


 2020-04-05  34m