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2 guys in their early 30's chat about parenting from a Dad's perspective. Friends from school Chris Mole and Chris Powell get together each week to talk about what's on their minds, discuss key elements of the parenting journey, and usually lots of random stuff in between. Sometimes funny, sometimes serious, but always from a Dad's point of view! Advice, tips, and banter aimed at old Dad's, new Dad's, and Dad's to be. - Follow us on Twitter: @parentingfopas / Instagram: @parentingfopas / Email:


episode 2: Mini Episode - How is The Coronavirus Lockdown Affecting Dad's during Birth & Pregnancy

We've recorded this mini episode during the covid-19 lockdown so please excuse the sound quality. Today we interview brand new dad Ollie who's wife has just had a baby boy. He tells us about how the coronavirus lockdown affected the birth and the first few days afterwards. Mole talks about how it has affected their pregnancy journey and Cronk also talks about how it's affecting his parenting. We end with a faux pas of the week! Music by Del Mar. Add us on instagram, facebook and twitter - @parentingfopas and email us at


 2020-04-17  22m