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WOTS Version 202 with Quinton Morris

On this version of the Word On the Street podcast we have the opportunity to talk with Quinton Morris. Quinton and I had a great conversation, we got a little backstory of playing music at Renton High School and why South King County is important to him. The bulk of the conversation is about his non profit Key to Change. He told us about some current a future goals as well as what it's like to run a non profit.  Quinton also shared stories about how he is handling the pandemic and also how his students have been handling the pandemic and having conversations around race. I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did.

* The conversation with Quinton starts at 10:00

Featured music:
Sonata no. 3 in G minor by Joseph Boulogne (Chevalier de Saint-Georges) Performed by Quinton Morris.

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