How Neal Feel

Every week, comedian Neal Brennan and his co-host Bianca Sia cover a range of topics: current events, race, gender, sex, technology. The good stuff.


White McGruff

On this week's episode, Neal and Bianca discuss:

00:00 Fireworks

5:47 America is ungovernable

12:45 Schaub + Callen + Herman Cain

26:52 Kanye West

34:36 Jada Pinkett Smith + August Alsina

44:32 Ghislaine Maxwell

56:25 Maya Moore

1:12:45 News anchors + cursing

1:14:20 Doc Watch

1:18:28 Soft White Underbelly

1:24:38 Your Emails

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 2020-07-08  2h36m