Welcome to the ExQueeriencePoints Podcast. We are an all queer cast, and I’m the originator and producer, Kelrick. The cast consists of queer gaymers with over 3 decades of combined gaming experience… not that we always act like it. We will be play the Starfinder ttrpg, produced by Paizo because they have shown serious work in ttrpg inclusion. Our stories are told by queer casts telling stories with queer themes - which doesn't mean we are only for queer folks, just that we don't shy away from being our authentic selves as well play through our campaigns.



episode 41: EP41 Get into character

Hello and Welcome to ExQueerience Points, your favorite all queer Starfinder Podcast!

We decide to utilize our plan - and Thrani learns that the spell is more powerful than he thought! Suddenly we have thee illusions instead of one. Who thinks that will help us? Cryo Generics turns out to be both easier and harder than we hoped to deal with. We are all really looking forward to Yzra coming back next episode!

We are back in the Dawn of Flame: Soldiers of Brass by Crystal Frasier!

Sound Effects by https://syrinscape.com/

We are part of the Be Gay Roll Dice Network! You can find out more by visiting the twitter account: @BEGAYROLLDICE


 2020-07-09  1h8m