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episode 293: Alaskan raptors and Swiss sauropodomorphs

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Dinosaur of the day Atrociraptor, a raptor about the size of Dromaeosaurus, but more closely related to its distant ancestor Deinonychus.

Interview with Evan Johnson-Ransom, Master’s student & McNair Fellow studying under Eric Snively at Vertebrate Paleontology Research Labs at Oklahoma State University. Currently his research is focused on Tyrannosaurs. Follow him on twitter @EJR_Paleo

In dinosaur news this week:

  • A new dromaeosaurid jaw piece from Alaska points to year round polar carnivores
  • A new sauropodomorph from northern Switzerland named Schleitheimia
  • SVP will be held virtually this year
  • Screenrant shared why Batman has a dinosaur in his cave
  • The Plant Riverside District is having a contest to name its Amphicoelias fraggillimus replica
  • Google recently launched augmented reality dinosaurs in their search


 2020-07-09  1h4m