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This is the Action Filmmaking Podcast, the show dedicated to pure action analysis. Our passion for action films and martial arts has led us here where we do in-depth analyses and breakdowns of choreography and fight sequences as well as interviews with action filmmakers around the world. Join us to know more about the beauty of choreography and the arts of action filmmaking from the industry's best. Catch new episodes weekly! Support this podcast:


episode 4: John Wick - Part 2 - The Subway Fight - Action Filmmaking Decoded

Today, we're diving into the dark, neo-noir world of John Wick and the underworld rife with assassins and crime families. We will be examining some of our favorite fight scenes from over the course of John Wick 1 and 2. We hoped to cover John Wick 3 more extensively in a separate episode as it is the most action-packed and creatively choreographed of them all. Until then, join us in the exploration of the battles of John Wick, the Baba Yaga. --- Support this podcast:


 2020-05-07  29m