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You're The One by Vogues

Label: Co & Ce 229
Year: 1965
Condition: M-
Last Price: $25.00. Not currently available for sale.

How is it that a vocal group from Pennsylvania got a crack at this great tune penned by then-popular Petula Clark and hubby Tony Hatch before Petula did? Her version of "You're The One" did chart as a single in the U.K., but only a couple of months after The Vogues release on Co & Ce. And don't forget, this essential Vogues recording had already been released on the small label Blue Star, which is what brought the group to the attention of slightly larger Co & Ce. (I suspect that Petula recorded this as a cut on one of her albums, and that's how the Vogues discovered it.) By the way, the reason I call this Power Pop rather than Sunshine Pop is because of the awesome electric guitar lead — it's a signature of the evolving Power Pop sound. Note: This beautiful copy has Mint labels and pristine sound. The A side audio is so awesome I had to make an mp3 snippet for the "jukebox"... so have a listen! (This scan is a representative image from our archives.)


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