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episode 781: 08 July, 2020 – Episode 781 – How to Test for COVID

What is in the This Week in Science Podcast?
Neandertal Gene, Perky Ears, Coconut Killer, Carbon Source, Dog Years, Date Whoever, Mitochondrial Editing, Interview re: CRISPR + COVID w/ Dr. Enrique Lin Shiao, COVID Update, Missing Monster, Hummingbird Counters?, Caecilian Fangs, ALAN!, And Much More…
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Disclaimer, Disclaimer, Disclaimer!!!
Don’t gather round people, wherever you roam
And admit that the virus around you has grown
Accept that for now you’ll be celebrating alone
If your time is worth saving
Then you better start masking or just chill out at home
For the cases they are a spreadin’…
Prophetic lyrics from Bob Dylan,
a man so far ahead of his time
that even he may not have understood all the words to his songs…
And while misquotes from folk singers
Can be just as reliable a source of information on the epidemic
as the white house coronavirus task force
There is real information being looked at by scientists
Scientists attempting to save the world from a fate worse than death…
What’s a fate worse than death you ask?
Being too sick to tune into another episode of
This Week in Science,
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Let’s start with some quick science news stories…
Neandertal Gene
Do Neandertal genes predict COVID-19 disease severity? No, but a recent pre-print in the BioArchiv describes a genome association study finding that a stretch of DNA in people who tend to have more severe outcomes probably came from Neandertals. What does the gene do? How is it involved in the viral process? No one knows yet. But, hey! If you want to limit the spread of the disease, social distance, wash your hands, and wear a mask!


 2020-07-10  2h10m