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TFS 372: Getting started with YouTube with John Sonmez

React Native Remote ConfJuly 28th to 31th

How to get started in YouTube for an absolute beginner.
John lays out a path from picking a topic, to editing, to promoting your YouTube content..

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Joel Schaubert:

  • Meditations of Marcus Aurelius

Brad Large:

  • Daily Stoic

  • The Unbranded Brand

  • Salesforce Essentials Setup: Cool Guided Learning Popup

  • Salesforce Essentials vs Professional

Petra Manos:

  • Oversubscribed

  • Oversubscribed Amazon

Charles Max Wood:

  • Nikon D5600

  • Teleprompter

  • Course Creator Pro

John Sonmez:

  • Moral Letters to Lucilius

  • My Big Toe

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