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Insiders Elite - Paul Meredith, one of Canada's TOP Mortgage Brokers

In this edition of Insiders Elite, Mick and I have the absolute pleasure of speaking with Paul Meredith, the bestselling author of: Beat The Bank: How To Win The Mortgage Game in Canada and One of Canada’s TOP Mortgage Brokers. Paul shares with us such incredible insights into the Mortgage industry including what to look for in a mortgage broker, how a mortgage broker differs from your banks “mortgage specialist”, and details around being self employed and getting a mortgage.

It’s all here in this weeks episode of Insiders Elite!

To get a hold of Paul Meredith you can visit his website at, you can call the office at 647-368-5009 or you can e-mail Paul directly at His bestselling book, Beat The Bank: How To Win The Mortgage Game in Canada can be found HERE


 2020-05-04  49m