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Welcome to the Jamie J Podcast hosted by Master Platinum Coach, Business Trainer, former Tony Robbins Coach & Trainer & NLP Master Practitioner Jamie J. On this podcast you'll discover a great combination of my weekly Insiders Elite shows, episodes and audio outtakes from group training sessions, along with segments of original thought content that I record exclusively for this podcast.


Customer Service and Commitments

Are you hitting the mark with your customer service or are you way off base? Are you helping your customers or sending them off on wild goose chases? If you’re not practicing value first, then you’re missing the mark.

Commitments are all about you sticking to your word – do you make promises and then not follow through? This could be the reason why you’re not where you want to be in your business.

This and so much more in this edition of The Jamie J Podcast


 2020-06-28  40m