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Our Ohio Weekly shares the story of Ohio agriculture and Ohio Farm Bureau. Each week, this radio program and podcast features guests who represent leaders in agriculture, government, academia and the food industry, among others. Host Ty Higgins talks to interesting guests and brings the story of Ohio agriculture to life by featuring Farm Bureau members and staff who are working hard all across Ohio.



Planning a 2020 County Fair

Things are far from normal as the COVID-19 pandemic shows no signs of going away, but as the spread slowed and restrictions eased, Ohio began to open back up. Businesses are getting back to business and some of us will be able to enjoy a county fair this year, in one way, shape or form. On this Our Ohio Weekly, learn how county fairs are going about making their decisions for a 2020 event. Plus, a check in on an industry hit extremely hard by the pandemic, the horse racing industry. 00:00 - Ohio State Professor wins the World Food Prize 4:00 - Ohio Fair Managers Association President Rod Arter 16:50 - Renee Mancino, executive director of the Ohio Harness Horsemen's Association and Dave Basler, executive director of the Ohio Horsemen Benevolent and Protection Association 23:50 - Union County farmer Melissa Burns talks about being one of the stars of CBS' Tough As Nails 32:20 - Tim Hicks discusses upcoming financial planning webinars 42:20 - Ohio Beef Council's Elizabeth Harsh shares details about the Beef Families Care Fund


 2020-07-13  48m