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45: Bianca Giaever

Bianca Giaever is the host of Constellation Prize and a producer at The Daily. "My favorite radio stories are ones that were passion projects to begin with, that would be un-pitchable from the start because the idea sounds so mundane. .... Boy talks about anxiety as I feel anxiety would have been the logline for the Scared is scared. Holy Cow Lisa would've be like I want to make a movie about my heartbreak, like every other fucking person on planet earth? ... Terrible pitch! But the person I was talking to happened to be a great talker, an amazing character. ... So I've never really been afraid of the un-pitchable story. And it's actually the type of story that intrigues me the most." If you like the show, and want to keep tape alive, please support us at patreon.com/taperadio.


 2020-07-16  40m