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We are believers in people, ideas and the power of communication. This podcast is rooted in philosophical theory, as well as real experience and cultural appearence, to be affirmed or challenged throughout our conversations. We are not trying to change your mind. We only express what we believe as we do not claim to know. Along the way, we try to show how wonderful you are, in case you forget it and share with you our doubts and wonderings. Disagree? Have other interesting topic or question? Write to us! www.instagram.com/wrbelievers



Who's hidden behind the tattoo?

Do people really evaluate us based solely upon our appearance? 

Are we treated differently by others when we don’t appear to fit their description of “normal”? 

Could it be that this often negatively interpreted thought is most often rooted within our own minds?

In this episode, we welcome our very first guest: Tattoo artist Ina Bond (www.instagram.com/inabond).

Honestly and openly, Ina describes how her desire to rebel and prove something to the outside world eventually led to an exploration and acceptance of herself through being tattooed and later tattooing others.

Ina gives useful advice on what a person should consider before getting a tattoo and shares her thoughts on how to choose a design as well as the artist who will interpret it.

She describes how tattoos can affect the body, why some people get addicted to this process and how one’s perception of the world can change once tattooed.

All in all, we had a very entertaining and lively conversation filled unexpected discoveries and conclusions.

Stay with us to the end and enjoy the frankness of our guest!

Looking forward to hear from you!!





Daria Hackenberg (Russia, currently based in Berlin, Germany)

Project Manager and Agilist, passionate in philosophical aspect of life and with deep understanding to people nature.

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Hollis P Monroe (USA, currently based in Berlin, Germany)

DJ/Music producer and YouTube conversationalist who thoroughly enjoys talking about a variety of topics in and outside of the music world.

hollisTalks on YouTube:  https://www.youtube.com/Hollistalks hollis on instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hollispmonroe/

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 2020-07-16  51m