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episode 782: 15 July, 2020 – Episode 782 – Why Friendliness is Fabulous

What is in the This Week in Science Podcast?
Cosmological Agreement, CAR-T Cure?, Daddy Mommas, Getting Gassy, Pigs Save Lungs, Interview w/ Dr. Brian Hare on The Survival of the Friendliest, COVID Update, Pickled Brains, Seeing Eye To Eye, Placental DNA Twist, Rat Rescuers, Lucky Handedness, And Much More…
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Just a quick note: This week’s podcast interview was 2 hours long, and amazing all the way through. It was edited significantly to make the podcast episode a more palatable length (and, it’s still a 2-hour show!). For the FULL interview, we highly suggest you check it out on our YouTube channel. You can do that here.
Disclaimer, Disclaimer, Disclaimer!!!
The information you are hearing from your religious, business and/or political leaders
about the deadly viral pandemic
may or may not represent the actual evidence based understanding
of scientists and medical researchers who…
Know what the expletive they are talking about.
If viruses could be prayed away,
the pandemic would be over by now
If political will, sticking to your guns against popular opinion could persuade a virus
The pandemic would be over by now
If pool parties, getting back into the office and reopened restaurants was intimidating to a virus
The pandemic would be over by now
If we just took science seriously, if we just acted a little sooner or waited at home a little longer
The pandemic could be over by now
But instead
we may as well await the ringing of a bell and the voice from the street calling out…
Bring out your dead… bring out your dead
The only thing that may yet save us from the fate of death by ignorant and powers that be?
This Week in Science,
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 2020-07-17  2h4m