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episode 65: Ep 64: The Best Commodore 64 Game - Of All Time!

It's time! Marc Matt and John sit down with Ben Campbell from 1989 Arcade Bar and Evan Weston to decide the best Commodore 64 game of all time! Strap in for a massive nostalgia trip where we talk all things Commodore 64 and rank the best games. Hearts broken, friendships destroyed, but we do it all for you, The Readers!

The games nominated are:

- C64anabalt - The People’s vote - The Last Ninja - Ben Campbell - Turrican II - Evan Weston - IK+ - Matthew Tolhurst - Archon - Marc Bell - Way of the Exploding Fist - Ben Campbell - Last Ninja 3 - Evan Weston - Wizball - Matthew Tolhurst - Last Ninja 2 - Marc Bell

1989 Bar Arcade

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 2020-07-19  2h58m