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2 guys in their early 30's chat about parenting from a Dad's perspective. Friends from school Chris Mole and Chris Powell get together each week to talk about what's on their minds, discuss key elements of the parenting journey, and usually lots of random stuff in between. Sometimes funny, sometimes serious, but always from a Dad's point of view! Advice, tips, and banter aimed at old Dad's, new Dad's, and Dad's to be. - Follow us on Twitter: @parentingfopas / Instagram: @parentingfopas / Email:


episode 6: Episode 6: Hypnobirthing, What To do While Your Partner Is Giving Birth, & Birth Plans

Hey - we've been away for a bit due to lockdown but Mole has a mic now so we can continue. In this week's episode we discuss hypnobirthing and making the birth as positive as possible. We recommend a book by Siobhan Miller called 'Hypnobirthing - Practical Ways To Make Your Birth Better' which Cronk found really useful when helping Laura get through labour and the birth. We also discuss ways of dealing with bullies, over exaggerate when it comes to the size of babies poops, as well as discuss Mole's experience of helping his wife and pregnancy and Cronk's daughter who is 8.5 months old. Loads of useful Dad tips and advice. Get into touch via and hit us up on twitter, instagram and facebook - @parentingfopas


 2020-07-20  45m