That's Strange

That's Strange tackles all things controversial, eye opening, and strange! We dig deep to find the best information, most of which has been uncovered information involving conspiracy theories, paranormal stories, urban legends, unsolved mysteries and more! As the season continues, we will discuss stories, myths, legends, aliens and anything that makes you say, "...that's strange". You can find us on all major podcast platforms, including some radio.


episode 1: Wayfair Cabinets, Fact or Fiction?

On our inaugural episode we sit down to discuss one of the strangest allegations that has come up in recent years, the wayfair human trafficking scandal. Let’s take a deep dive into this scandal and see if it’s substantial argument or a baseless rumor! Over-priced cabinets and pillows, with names resembling missing children. Could this mean what the allegations suggest? Earlier this week, Wayfair found themselves in a viral internet scandal that accused them of child-trafficking. A reddit post that sparked thousands of posts and discussions about the truth behind these serious allegations against Wayfair. Tune in as we dive into the story and add a few details of our own that nobody is talking about.


 2020-07-20  37m
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